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“Soulful Paris” stands out as an essential milestone for Liana&Moods' recording career, highlighting her growth and ability to create world-class productions.

The songs on this release immediately strike for their catchy hooks and melodies, whilst hitting the mark with a dense and energetic tone. Liana&Moods puts the proverbial cherry on top of the performance with her vocal delivery, her voice is dynamic and spontaneous, making for a unique approach to her tone and feel.

Some artists seem to make music for the sake of entertaining their audiences, while others have a much deeper vision: they want to really start a connection with their listeners, to inspire them and move them, making for a truly fantastic feel. Liana&Moods certainly belongs to this particular category, with an exclusive take on R&B that feels modern, yet timeless all at once.

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"All of the tracks on this project come in at over four minutes long. When you consider this alongside of how creatively free the music is, and how expressive and well-structured the lyrical set-ups are, you start to realise that Liana&Moods is an artist who drives with a sheer desire to create. This music will be made regardless of who listens, because it has to be; it comes naturally. Hopefully, and rightfully, there will be plenty of listeners who will stumble upon it and feel the warm embrace of the playlist right through to the end."

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